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Core Values

Transparency, Competency, Accountability, and Efficiency

My clients are my number one priority, and every consultation, plan, and investment portfolio is based upon four cornerstone principles: transparency, competency, accountability, and efficiency.

Are you saving enough money?

According to the Journal of Accounting, over half of Americans in a recent AICPA poll reported their top financial fear as the impending drop in quality of life upon retirement, or worse yet, not having saved enough for retirement at all.

Add to that the anxiety of ever-increasing credit-card debt, unpaid healthcare bills, record-high student loans, mortgages, and other household debt, it’s no wonder people are feeling unsettled.

While it’s always best to get finances in order as early in life as possible, the good news is that it’s never too late to create a robust financial plan to support a healthy, fulfilling life – today and into the future. And you don’t have figure it all out on your own. I’m here to help!

Daniel McCurdy

What You Can Expect


Make Informed Decisions
When choosing a financial planning partner in this complex economy, it’s important to understand the various compensation models (fees) and product selection processes so you can make sound, informed decisions. I am an ardent supporter of my clients’ rights to transparency, and you will always know how much you are paying (and for what).


Live Freely & Inclusively
Diversity and inclusiveness are essential for a truly rich and fulfilling life. Just as our portfolios benefit from the stability and balance of a diversified investment, we as a society grow stronger with a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Clients, colleagues, and community members can expect to be treated with fairness, equality, and respect.

Are you ready to begin your financial management journey?